Thursday, July 4, 2013

Volunteers at Hanga Health Center in June/July 2013

We are happy to have volunteers at Hanga Health center most of the time. This June and July 2013 we have Medical Doctor Mario from Italy who stays until July 13. Dr. Mario has been a friend of Hanga Abbey for many years and has contributed a lot in the health service field. He helped the dispensary get an ambulance and now he is cofunding the construction of a surgery unit. We owe him a lot of gratitude.
Dr. Mario with Ms. Nadine an Italian volunteer who volunteers at Chipole convent, two-hours-car drive southwest of Hanga Abbey.

Below Dr. Mario is instructing a resident assistant MD at the Health Center.

Another volunteer at the Health Center this time is Mr. Adam a student at Oregon Institute of Technology, in Oregon, USA. Adam accompanied other five members from the institute who work to build a water filtering system at Hanga.  Adam and the the water group leave on July 7 for the US. Thanks to Mr. Adam and his compatriots volunteering at Hanga. In the photos below Mr. Adam is attending patients at Hanga Health Center.

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