Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pharmacists Without Boarders from Germany Strengthen Helping Hanga Health Center

For many years Pharmacists Without Boarders from Germany have been helping people served at Hanga Health Center by supplying or subsidizing medical supplies to the institute. With their help medical services, to a great extend, have been relatively cheaper for ordinary poor people to afford. Their thoughts and efforts have made is possible that there is availability of all the important supplies, particularly medicines, for the common sicknesses among the rural population.

Recently, a representative of the organization (Pharmacists Without Boarders, or in German Apotheker Ohne Grenzen Deutschland), Miss Laura Bleicher, came to Hanga and stayed from 16 to 25 November. During the time she met with Hanga Abbey leadership, Abbot Octavian Massigo, OSB, to sign a special contract/agreement on how to equip Hanga Health Center with medical supplies. Part of the agreement was that there be will cost sharing between Hanga Abbey and Pharmacists Without Boarders, each contributing half of the cost of the medicines/supplies that will be ordered every three months. Indeed we owe so much the members of Pharmacists Without Boarders Germany; ours is gratitude and appreciation for what they are doing to our poor people.

During her stay, Ms. Laura, also trained employees in the pharmacy sector on how to do inventory.

Above: Laura Bleicher with Abbot Octavian Massingo, OSB, on the day of signing a contract to supply medical supplies to Hanga Health Center

Below: Laura Bleicher with Frater Lucius and employees of pharmacy section at the Health Center making inventory of medical supplies

Below: A farewell dinner was held for Laura Bleicher on November 24 as she was leaving for Germany.

Ms. Laura is cutting a cake prepared in her honor

Hanga Religious Seminary Graduation 2016

On November 19th, 2016, students and teachers of Hanga Religious Seminary celebrated the 35th graduation for 54 seminarians who competed their four years of secondary school education at the seminary. There were many guests at the celebration including parents, relatives, and friends of the graduating students. The guest of honor at the event was the Bank Manager of National Bank of Commerce of Songea branch, Mr. Simon Mtwale.

The celebration began with Holy Mass followed by entertainments for the event at the seminary grounds, students performing dances, songs, poems, dramas etc. and very importantly was the handing of School Leaving Certificates to the graduating students. Then all participants: guests and students, had a festive meal.

Below: photos of various scenes on the graduation day.

Students of the graduating class

Seminary Brass Band entertaining

Guest of honor Mr. Simon Mtwale delivering a speech. To his left is Fr. Chrysostom Mukulasi, OSB, the head of Hanga Religious Seminary

Fr. Chrysostom and the guest of honor at dinner table about to cut graduation cake.

St. Laurtent Primary School pupils had an opportunity to performing at the celebration

Guests at the celebration ground

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hanga Trade School Graduation 2016

Hanga Trade School graduation was held on November 12th, this year, 2016. A total of 17 young people  graduated. Four of them were young women. The students graduated had training in masonry (brick laying), carpentry, plumbing, tailoring, auto-mechanics and electrical installation.

Of course many parents and friends of the graduating class attended the ceremony. Mr. Jeremias Matembo, the Ward Education Coordinator, was the guest of honor at the graduation.

The day celebration began with holy mass in the abbey church, and continued with dances, singing and speaches at the Trade School grounds; and concluded with a festive luncheon.

The graduating class of 2016

The four young women among the graduating class, at front seat

Frater Emmanuel Nyengo, OSB, delivering a speech. To his left is Mr. Matembo, the guest of honor of the day.

More pictures of different scenes on the graduation day