Monday, September 26, 2016

Thanks Giving Mass After Ordination at Hanga

Fr. Bernard Mwanza, OSB, of Hanga Abbey was ordained in August 2016 at Katibunga Monastery, the daughter house of Hanga Abbey, in Zambia. On Sunday, September 25 he had the opportunity to celebrate his fist and thanks-giving mass at Hanga Abbey with is fellow monks. Then in the evening a special meal was had for his honor with a special cake. Congratulations to Fr. Bernard on his ordination and we wish him as a priest good service to the people of God.

Below are pictures of Fr. Bernard Mwanza, OSB, at mass and at the refectory at Hanga Abbey on the day of thanks-giving mass.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Goodbye to the Abbey Employee, Sister Lukresia

A reception was held at the abbey to say goodbye to our beloved employee, Sister Luklesia Mkolwe, OSB, on the 5th of September. The nun, from Imiliwaha Benedictine Nuns in Njombe diocese,  has been one of the abbey cooks for over four years at the abbey. A jovial nun, St. Luklesia has been credited by monks at the abbey for never complaining for anything, always optimistic. She has taken another assignment by her superiors to go teach at a Kindergarten school in Dar es Salaam area, for she is professionally a Kindergarten school teacher. We thank Sister Lukresia for her good service to the monks and wish her all the blessings in her new job.

In the photos: Sister Luklesia with the monks on the farewell party evening

Honoring Senior Monks at Hanga Abbey

On August 28, the feast of St. Augustine of Hippo, the monks held a special dinner for patronal name's day of Frater Augustine Mgedzi, OSB, one of the abbey senior monks. Frater Augustin was born in 1935 and made his profession in 1961. For long time he served at the abbey as a driver and in the auto-mechanics workshop. He has great passion of serving the local people in different social activities and services such helping women and young people form different groups for economic development. He has been very instrumental in implementing the establishment of water project for the village of Hanga.

At the meal with the monks, Frater Augustine thanked the monks for the special meal for him. He also thanked them for their brotherly love shown to him that makes him happy and keep going. He also added that he whished he could do more to serve the community but he cannot due to his age.

We wish Frater Augustine many more years in the community.

Not long after the celebration of Frater Augustine patronal feast, the monks celebrated another patronal feast day of Fr. Gregory Mwageni, OSB, on September 3rd, the feast of Pope Gregory the Great. A special meal and a cake was had to honor the former and first superior of Hanga Abbey. He addressed the monks with gratitude and exhorted them to be true monks, to seek sanctity.

We thank him for the many years of service to the monks and local people.

Below; Frater Augustine at the meal for his honor

Below Fr. Gregory Mwageni cutting a feast day cake

Frater Augustine holding a happy name's day cake designed like a book!

Below Frater Augustine delivering a speech of gratitude to his fellow monks for being honored with a special meal on his patronal feast day of St. Augustine of Hippo.

Friday, September 2, 2016

German Pharmacists Without Boarders Helping Hanga Health Center

For many years, since 2008, Pharmacists Without Boarders from Germany have been helping Hanga Health Center with medical supplies that have significantly lowered costs of medication at the Center. The Health Center has been able to serve many poor people because the Pharmacists assistance.

In April and May this year 2016 Hanga abbey had the honor of hosting Frau Kerster Koebler from Germany of the Pharmacists Without Boarders. She has great passion of helping the poor through Hanga Health Center and volunteered at the Health Center for a month. During this time she also bought medications for the Health Center, an aid from the German Pharmacists Without Boarders. Others from Pharmacists Without Boarders who have visited Hanga include Dr. Martina Gehardt, Stefie Puege, and Laura Bleicher.

We thank the Pharmacists Without Boarders for their service to the needy; and thanks to Frau Kerster for her love and time to volunteer and serve people at Hanga.

Photos of Frau Kerster at Hanga in April & May 2016.