Friday, December 25, 2015

A Retired Bishop and a Monk, Placidus Gervas Nkalagna, OSB, Dies

A retired bishop and a monk of Hanga abbey Very Reverend Placidus Gervas Nkalanga, OSB, died on the 18th of December, 2015. He was 97 years old. He came to Hanga abbey and became a monk after retiring as a bishop of Bukoba, in northwest Tanzania, 30 years ago. He was known for his simplicity and humility in the community. He spent most of his energy and time for the Formation House in Nakagugu where he established a big banana garden, the work for which he had great passion. He also built a beautiful church at the center. He will be greatly missed by Hanga community. May he rest in peace!

Bishop Placidus Nkalanga (middle) and Policarp Cardinal  Pengo (with crozier) when bishop Nkalanga wa celebrating his 25th anniversary as a monk.

Bishop Nkalanga in his banana garden at Nakagugu Formation House where he spent most of his time to tend the garden and the youths under formation.

A photo of Bishop Placidus Nakalanga, OSB, taken in 2011 on day he celebrated 50 years as a bishop.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Muhukuru Village Working to Get Clean Water, in southern Tanzania.

Water project at Mikayukayu village

Digging a trench and laying pipes

Both men and women participate in digging the trench; even kids!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Surgery Services Begin at Hanga Abbey

Early September this year 2015 the first surgeries were carried out at the long waited service at Hanga Health Center run by the Monks of Hanga Abbey. It was a joy to the patients and to all who are served at the center. The surgery unit has been under construction for about three years and came to completion in May, 2015. It has been establish to serve the large rural area serving more than 12 villages around Hanga Abbey with population of 40,000 people or so. With the surgery service comes the blood transfusion service which is very important to the women in labor and anemic people especially the children. We express our gratitude to all the donors who have contributed to this worthy cause to serve the poor.

Below are pictures of surgeons and nurses in the process of performing surgery; and  two women first to have surgery during delivery at the new Surgery Unit.

The Surgery Unit
The Surgery Unit
Preparing the equipment for surgery
Preparing the equipment for surgery

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Friday, October 30, 2015

A 27th graduation at St. Benedict Secondary School at Hanga was held ceremoniously at the school grounds on the 17th of October, 2015. St. Benedict Secondary school has two campuses: the girls campus at Hanga and the boys at Namilola about 3 kilometers west of Hanga village. The ceremony was held at the girls campus. Of the graduates there 73 girls and 27 boys.

The guest of honor was supposed to be the Ruvuma Regional Education Officer, but in turn he assigned our own Fr. Ansgar Kaissile, OSB, to represent him at the graduation. Uniquely at this ceremony the parents made an impromptu collection/donations to support the school in many of its projects.

Congratulations to the students who graduated. We wish them good preparation for the National Examinations to be held in November and successful life hereafter.

Some photos of the graduating students and parents during the collection of donations to support the school financially.

Graduating class
Graduating class
Mayor of Hanga village, Gaudensia Ngonyani, delivering speech
Mayor of Hanga village, Gaudensia Ngonyani, delivering speech
A representative parent delivering a speech
A representative parent delivering a speech
Parents donating for the school
Parents donating for the school
Parents donating for the school
Parents donating for the school
Hanga village mayor holding a box leading the congregation for donations for the school
Hanga village mayor holding a box leading the congregation for donations for the school

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fr. Deagratias Sikazwe, Ordained for Hanga Abbey

Hanga Abbey has a religious foundation, priory, in Katibunga, diocese of Mpika in Zambia. This August the monks of Hanga Abbey were happy to have a new priest, Fr. Deogratias Sikazwe, OSB, a native of Zambia. Fr. Sikazwe was ordained at Katibunga monastery on August 20th by bishop Ignas Chama of Kasama diocese. Fr. Deogratias studied his philosophy and theology at Peramiho seminay school of theology. Having been ordained at his native country he came back to Hanga in Tanzania to celebrate a thanksgiving mass with the monks and parishioners at Hanga village. We give congratulations to Fr. Sikazwe and thank God with him for his vocation.

Ordination day of Fr. Deogratias in Katibunga.


Fr. Deogratias Sikazwe, OSB. at Hanga Abbey.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Vocations Blessings at Hanga Abbey, 2015

On July 11, this year 2015, the monks of Hanga Abbey rejoiced to have six young men making their first monastic vows. On the same day two monks, Frater Benedict Kaguti, OSB, and Frater Ireneus Sambala, OSB, made their perpetual solemn profession. Frater Esperanso Mwalongo, OSB, celebrated his 25th anniversary as a monk. A day before July 11, four young men were admitted to monastic life as novices. On July 10 six aspirants were installed to be postulants. We thank God for sending us these men to lead monastic life of prayer, meditation and work.

Also, noteworthy, was the presence of retired Abbot Anselm  Zeller of Fiecht, Germany. During the celebration of the feast he was also honored as he celebrates 50 of his priesthood. Abbot Anselm is en route visiting abbeys of Mvimwa (Sumbawanga), Hanga, Katibubunga priory in Zambia, Peremiho and Ndanda.

Pictured are monks who made their first professions, solemn profession and jubilarians, Abott Anselm and Frater Esperanso.

The six newly professed monks.


Frater Esperanso Mwalongo celebrated his 25 anniversary of monastic life

Five new novices (they will be in a period of official training in monastic life)

Abbot Thadei Mhagama, Frater Ano Haule, the  postulants formator, with the new postulants


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hanga Abbey Daughter House Gets Two Monks in Solemn Vows

On the 11th June, 2015 Frater Bernard Mwanza, OSB,  and Frater Augustine Mwape, OSB, made their solemn perpetual vows in Katibunga monastery. The monastery is under Hanga Abbey. It is located in the archdiocese of Mpika in Zambia. Abbot Thadei Mhagama, OSB, of Hanga Abbey was there to officiate the ceremony which was held during Holy Mass. The vicar general of the archdiocese of Mpika presided at Mass. The mass was well attended and was celebrated in Bemba. During the liturgy a group of well prepared girls performed a liturgical dancing.

Both Frater Deogratias and Frater Augustine are studying at Peramiho Theology Seminary to become priests. We congratulate them for making commitment to religious life and we look forward to their ordination to priesthood.

In the photo below are Abbot Thadei (at the middle) with Frater Augustine on his right and Frater Bernard on his left


Sitting in the photo; left is Frater Augustine Mwape, OSB, and right is Frater Bernard Mwanza, OSB,


Abbot Thadei officiating at the ceremony of making solemn vows.

Procession to the church and liturgical dancing