Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hanga Abbey Hit Hard by the Deaths of Two of Its Loved Ones.

It has been very hard for the monks of Hanga Abbey to witness the death of their members Frater Marko Nchimbi, OSB, and Frater Pascalis Mkalawa, OSB. The two Brothers died within five days.

Frt. Markus died on June 2nd, 2012, of liver concer. He was born in 1959. Frater Marko has had long history of bad health associated with lung fungal infection. Last March 2012 he was diagnosed with liver cancer. All efforts made could not save his life. As a monk he was involved mainly in formation of young monks. He was able to do this job very well due to his background as a techer and training in monastic life a training he did in Rome for a year. At some point he spent time to teach novices in the daughter house of Hanga Abbey in Katibunga; also he led seminars for monks in formation in the abbeys of Tanzania (Peramiho, Ndanda, Hanga and Mvimwa). Frater Marko was a quiet person but had a great sense of dry humor. And although he was quiet a person he knew so many stories and secrets that one cound not imagine. He will be missed due to his sense of humor. May he rest in peace! Above is a photo of Frater Marko Nchimbi, OSB.

Frater Paschal Mkalawa, OSB, died on the 6th of June, 2012, five days after the death of Frater Marko. He was born in 1941. Made his monastic vows in 1968. Frater Pascal has been suffering from heart problems for about four years. It is due to this problem that he finally succumbed to death. Frater Paschal will be rembered by the monks of Hanga as an excellent driver who never had an accident. He was trained and worked in the automechanics shop of the abbey. He spent a few years in Katibunga, Zambia, working as an automechanic expert at the priory there. May he rest in peace! In the photo below Frater Pascalis (left) with Fr. Ildefonce in a recent photo taken at Hanga Abbey in May 2012.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Art Work of Frater Blasius Maganga, OSB, of Hanga Abbey

Frater Blasius Maganga, OSB, of Hanga Abbey is a quiet man and hard to notice his presence even by his fellow monks let alone visitors. Yet, Frt. Maganga is manifest in his work as a superb artist in woodworking doing inlay work and making bishops' staff, the crosier. The crosier is made of a hard black african wood, ebony. Recently, in May 2012, his crosier found residence in the hands of a new bishop of the diocese of Baker in Oregon, USA, Very Reverend Liam Cary. When the crosier was presented to bishop Liam Cary as a gift from Hanga Abbey, his words were "there could be no better gift than this, thank you." Bishop Liam has been a great supporter of mission work in Tanzania.

In the photo below: left, Frater Maganga at work making a piece of crosier and on the rightn he is diplaying the staffs he has made.
Bishop Liam Cary, a new bishop of the diocese of Baker in Oregon, USA, was ordained as a bishop on May 18th, 2012, is displaying a gift of crosier made at Hanga Abbey by Frt. Blasius Maganga, OSB.

The inlay work of Frt. Blasius Maganga can be found in articles ranging from tables and chairs to bed frames and church pews as can be seen below.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Primary School Pupils Gather at Hanga Abbey for Traditional Dances Show

In May primary school pupils around Hanga Abbey from districts of Namtumbo and Songea in southern Tanzania had fun week of showing traditional dances. Hanga was a good venue since it has good facilities in terms of lodging and food services. The grounds at Hanga Seminary were used for the performance of the dances. Different school groups performed various dances with great enthusiasm and nice looking costumes. One of the spectacular dance was the Ngoni war dance. Historically it was performed by men after they had won a war against their enemies. Today it is just a recreation. In the photo you can see the dancers wearing large clothing/sheets holding shields and spears. The dance in known as "ligihu" to Ngoni people who settled in Tanzania migrating from the Zulus in south Africa back in the 18th century.

. There were many people watching the event: student as well as Hanga villagers.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Secondary School Students Tour Hanga Abbey

The month of May saw students from two schools visiting Hanga Abbey as a study tour. The students from both schools came to Hanga to see and study the production of hydroelecticity. The two schools were Mashujaa Secondary School and St. Agathon Secondary School both of which are situated within Songea municipality. Frater Fraternus, the abbey electrician was the tour guide and instructor on how electricity is produced by turbine run by water. The hydoelectric power plant at the abbey is small but enough to provide lighting for the abbey and its institutions. It is nice to have facilities at the abbey that can augment students learning process. We welcome all to see our activities and services.
In the photos below are students from Mashujaa Secondary school at the dam and tjhe water turbine site for study.

Further below are the students from St. Agathon Secondary School at the abbey ground after their observation of the turbine for generating electricity by water power.