Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Primary School Pupils Gather at Hanga Abbey for Traditional Dances Show

In May primary school pupils around Hanga Abbey from districts of Namtumbo and Songea in southern Tanzania had fun week of showing traditional dances. Hanga was a good venue since it has good facilities in terms of lodging and food services. The grounds at Hanga Seminary were used for the performance of the dances. Different school groups performed various dances with great enthusiasm and nice looking costumes. One of the spectacular dance was the Ngoni war dance. Historically it was performed by men after they had won a war against their enemies. Today it is just a recreation. In the photo you can see the dancers wearing large clothing/sheets holding shields and spears. The dance in known as "ligihu" to Ngoni people who settled in Tanzania migrating from the Zulus in south Africa back in the 18th century.

. There were many people watching the event: student as well as Hanga villagers.

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  1. Safi sana maana siku hizi naona utamaduni wetu unaanza kupotea. Kila la kheri.