Friday, September 17, 2010

The Head of Ruvuma Region (in Southern Tanzania) visits Hanga Abbey

Early this September 2010 the Regional Commisioner of Ruvuma Region in Southern Tanzania, Dr. Catherine Ishengoma, visited Hanga Abbey to see monks and their activities. While at the abbey she was able to see sites such as cattle farm, piggery unit, chicken shed and carpentry.

In the photo: top left Dr. Catherine is talking with Br. Odo Nanyanje, OSB, at the carpentry unit; middle right, she is talking to Fr. Gregory Mwageni, OSB, the pioneer/founder and first superior of Hanga Abbey.

Bottom picture: Dr. Ishengoma listens to Br. Peter Claver, OSB, about raising chicken for eggs.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Who is doing what among the monks of Hanga Abbey

Fr. Francis De Sales Shawa, OSB, had a visit in Korea this last August where he had a good experience with the Orientals. He participated in planting and weeding rice! He met the Bishop Paul Hwang of Pusan and many good people! He enjoyed eating Korean food kimchi too! See the photo Fr. Francis with Bishop Paul Hwang of Pusan

Forgotten news! Frater Narsis (Nolasco) Mwalongo, OSB, our own monk of Hanga Abbey graduated last May with Masters in Psychology and Counseling. Now he lives in Klamath Falls (Oregon) for a year of on job training. Good luck to him. Contact him if you feel like confused with life!! In the photo Frater Narsis is with some of his friends who participated on his graduation day including Srs. Anamaria and Redempta of Chipole convent in Tanzania.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Activities at Hanga Dispensary

No dull moments at the dispensary at Hanga. Br. Lucius is keen to help people with their health. In June he invited officials from National Health Insurance so that people served at the dispensary could use the service. You can see in the picture Br. Theodory & Br. Lucius (second from left) with the officials.

Br. Lucius has also launched a program to educate children how to take care of their health. Recently he and his staff members visited the elementary school pupils around Hanga Abbey and educated them on how to keep their teeth healty. In the photos Br. Lucis and onother Nurse checking pupils' teeth.

alsto the dispensary had the honor of the visit of Dr. Mario from Italy. He comes every year to help out at the dispensary. Hes has been a good benefactor for the dispensary. You can see Dr. Mario (second from left in the picture) with his fellow Italians when they visited Hanga in June/July.