Friday, September 10, 2010

Who is doing what among the monks of Hanga Abbey

Fr. Francis De Sales Shawa, OSB, had a visit in Korea this last August where he had a good experience with the Orientals. He participated in planting and weeding rice! He met the Bishop Paul Hwang of Pusan and many good people! He enjoyed eating Korean food kimchi too! See the photo Fr. Francis with Bishop Paul Hwang of Pusan

Forgotten news! Frater Narsis (Nolasco) Mwalongo, OSB, our own monk of Hanga Abbey graduated last May with Masters in Psychology and Counseling. Now he lives in Klamath Falls (Oregon) for a year of on job training. Good luck to him. Contact him if you feel like confused with life!! In the photo Frater Narsis is with some of his friends who participated on his graduation day including Srs. Anamaria and Redempta of Chipole convent in Tanzania.

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