Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Wedding of an Employee of Hanga Health Center

On July 1, 2020, an employee of Hanga Health Center had a wedding ceremony to the joy of the employees and many past patients served by Dr. Mary Njovu. She is a resident surgeon at Hanga Health Center since 2013. She has been a great surgeon at the center particularly helping women with baby delivery problems. Her husband is also a medical doctor and together the two have two little children, a boy and a girl.
Fr. Erick, the Vicar General of the archdiocese of Songea, was the officiating priest accompanied by Fr. Elia Chale, the pastor at Hanga Parish.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Hanga Abbey Assisting Mputa Village with Clean Water

Mputa village is about 20 kilometers north of Hanga Abbey in the district of Namtumbo. The abbey is helping Mputa villagers to have safe drinking water. The water will be drawn from a stream on a mountain and piped down to the village. More than 2,000 people will profit from the project.

As of March, 2020, a dam has been constructed at a site to fetch water to the lowland. The next step is to dig a trench and lay pipes.

The dam wall with the outlet chamber

 Women are not left behing in the project!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Visitors from USA at Hanga, June 2019

Five friends of Hanga abbey visited Hanga from USA in June 2019. They are part of the many people who support social projects that Hanga Abbey is providing to the people particularly the water project. The visitors had many things to see and experience. They visited Mhukuru village where about 15,000 have safe drinking water - a gravity-fed water system. They saw the water line, three reservoirs/tanks, and several water taps with people enjoying the water. At the village, villagers were able to express their appreciation to the visitors by presenting gifts and performing traditional dances.
USA frinds of the abbey. Front from left, Mary Ann Crawford, Jesse Short, and Kirk Crawford. Behind Mary Ann is Darrin Short.

With children at Mhukuru; behind from left Wayne Bos, Fr. Osmund, Darrin Short, and Jesse Short.

Mary Ann Crawford with the women of Mhukuru at a water tap.

 At Mhukuru village villagers welcomed the visitors from USA with great joy; gave writhes to the visitors and performed traditional dances.

At the abbey they visited different abbey institutions including Hanga Religious Seminary, Hanga Trade School, St. Benedict Trade School and Colland Secondary School. To all these institutions they presented gifts of T-Shirts, soccer balls, basket balls and volley balls. It was a great joy to the students and teachers.
Visitors presenting soccer balls to the Headdmaster Fr. Chrisostom, OSB, at Hanga Seminary

Presenting T-shirts and balls at St. Benedict Secondary School

Presenting T-shisrts and balls to Hanga Trade school stedents

At Colland Secondary School there was a work of drilling a water well. Mr. Nashon, an employee from Chipole Convent in the archdiocese of Songea brought his drilling equipment for the job. It was a perfect opportunity to our visitors to see the real work of drilling water wells, from the beginning until witnessing water from the ground pumped out for use.
USA visitors witnessing water well drilling at Colland Secondary School

Friday, July 5, 2019

Celebrating Sunday of the Holy Eucharist

It is a long time tradition in the Catholic Church that in some parts of the world Catholics celebrate the Sunday of the Holy Eucharist with procession. It is cebrated every year on the second Sunday after the last Sunday of Easter. In Tanzania, the tradition is still alive. At Hanga community which is comprised of the villagers of Hanga, the abbey and its institutions the celebration is indeed very festive.

This year, 2019, the procession with the Eucharist began at the parish church and concluded at the abbey. The procession and adoration took more than three hours. In the procession different groups marched with the Eucharist chanting various songs of the Eucharist. Indeed as the Eucharist (the Holy Mass) is central to the Catholic faith it is a very worthy event to celebrate. Visitors from USA were amazed at the celebration which they had never seen or heard before and the great number of people who participated left them in awe.

Procession began at the parish church
USA visitors participating the procession with the Holy Eucharist.
Diffferent groups singing and dancing

Monday, November 26, 2018

Hanga Health Center Building Female Ward

At Hanga Health Center things never get quiet. There is always something new happening. Indeed Frater Lucius, the head of the Health Center, is always busy overseeing every thing needed for the place to operate and serve well the patients.

This year has been busy with constructions. In March the construction of a kitchen was finished. That project did not make Frater Lucius rest. In May he had to begin a construction of a ward for women to hold forty five beds. So far the building is standing awaiting roofing after which interior work of plastering, plumbing, electric installation will follow. We thank benefactors from USA for funding the project.
The new women's ward awaiting roofing
Also to be grateful of at the Health Center is the funding to reinstall solar power which solar batteries had run down. Pharmacists Without Boarders from Germany has made this possible. We thank them wholeheartedly.
                               Electricians installing new solar batteries at the Health Center