Thursday, August 19, 2010

Frater Stanislaus Mwinuka, OSB, in Training to Become an Optometrist

The Abbey St. Bernard's dispesary is expanding its service an endeavor that began last year with Dr. Ed Tuhy from the US to serve people with eye sight problems. In the move our Frater Stanislaus Mwinuka, OSB, is being trained temporarily at Songea regional hospital (close to Hanga Abbey). Later on the Brother is expected to go to school of optometry in Moshi (northern Tanzania). Since the school in Moshi is very competitive in terms of opportunity, it is hoped that through recommendation from Songea hospital will increase the chances of being accepted for the schooling.

In the photos: Frater Stanislaus in practice at Songea regional hospital.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Frater Josefat, OSB, Graduates with Diploma in Nursing

............... ... ... ... ... We congratulate our confrere Frater Josephat Haule, OSB, our own monk, for graduating with diploma in nursing. On July 31st a few monks went to attend his graduation ceremony at St. Joseph Hospital in Peramiho, about 1.30 hours car drive from Hanga Abbey. We are very happy to have more of our monks in the medical field since it is such a need for the people we serve at our dispensary which is always congested with patients. In the photo frater Josephat with monks and friends who attended his gratuation ceremony.

The 2010 St. Laurent Primary School Graduates

St. Laurent Primary school has 42 pupils of Standard Seven graduating this year. They are expected to sit for their final national examinations sometime this year 2010 before the general elections of senators and president in October in the country. The class had their graduation ceremony early July this year. We wish them good preparations for their final examinations.