Sunday, May 10, 2015

Moringa Oleifera Grown at Hanga Abbey

The plant Moringa oleifera is becoming a popular plant in the world for its medicinal and health usefulness. It is said to be the best supplement of minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and others. It is also an oxidant, it brings relaxation after becoming tired, and believed to reduce weight and cure stomach problems as well as diabetes.

So far the plant leaves are sold in forms of powder, leave pieces and  pill form. It can be taken by mouth by mixing with other foods such as soup or tea.

At Hanga Abbey a lady volunteer from Austria, Frau Christa, has just began growing the plant and encouraging all the monks to use it for their health benefits. Frau Christa works with students at Hanga Religious Seminary to grow the plant. She hopes to grow the plant at a larger scale with the help of the monks. Indeed the benefits of the plants have already been witnessed by many monks and students at Hanga. Thanks to Frau Christa for introducing to us about Moringa Oleifera so called MORINGA in Kiswahili. You can learn more about the plant if you browse in the web/internet.

In the pictures below Frau Christa with seminarians at the field of Moringa Oleifera.

Moringa ground leaves packed in bottles can be used with tea.

Monks Say Goodbye to an Abbey Cook

Among the employees at the abbey kitchen at Hanga Abbey are Benedictine nuns from Imiliwaha Sisters in Njombe diocese in the southern highlands of Tanzania. This late April 2015 one of the three nuns in the kitchen, Sister Hosana Nkwera, OSB,  was reassigned to another responsibility by her superiors. In recognition for her outstanding service in the kitchen the monks held a farewell dinner for her.

In that dinner something shocked all the monks. Sr. Hosana explained that she was a survivor of a sunken boat in Lake Nyasa back in 1989, the story which  shocked with sadness many people back then and even today. We wish Sister Hasana all blessings in her new assignment.

Below are some photos of Sr. Hosana at the reception dinner

Above Sr. Hosana delivering a speech which included how he survived 10 hours in water/lake Nyasa after their bout was storm wrecked

Belos Prior Jerome Mlelwa gives Sr. Hosana a goobye hand

Sr. Hosana is receing a special travelers blessing from Bishop Placidus Nkakalanga, OSB, and Fr. Gregory Mwageni, OSB.

Sub-prior John de Sahaguni presents a gift to Sr. Hosana.
Frater Wenceslaus and Frater Ludger also had special goodbye chat with Sr. Hosana


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vocation Directors Meet at Hanga Abbey

A week after Easter Hanga Abbey had a pleasure of hosting Vocation Directors from different men religious communities in Tanzania. The members shared about challenges and strategies of getting new members to their communities. They all enjoyed staying at Hanga Abbey with good accommodation and food. We welcome them back in the near future.

In the photos below are participants of the Vocation Directors conference

 In the photo Vocation Directors with Bishop emeritus Placidus Gervas Nkalanga, OSB.

At the same time two Nuns from Christ the Redeemer from Luagala in Mtwara region, south eastern Tanzania came to the abbey to solicit vocations by talking to girls at St. Benedict Secondary school. The two nuns Sr. Clara and Sr. Noela were en-route to Iringa region to visit other Secondary Schools for vocations for their community. Actually, Sr. Noela is a graduate of St. Benedict Secondary School.

Below Sr. Noela and Sr. Clara with Frater Odo Nanyanje, OSB, of Hanga Abbey

 Above from left: Sr. Noela & Sr. Clara