Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Catholic Youths Meet at Hanga Abbey During Easter

It is customary for the Catholic organization in Tanzania the so called Tanzania Young Christian Students (TYCS) to have meetings during the week before Easter. This is an organization in Tanzania includes mostly students from Secondary Schools and some colleges; and each diocese forms a body of TYCS branch part of the whole country. This year in the archdiocese of Songea the students of TYCS from different schools, totaling 100, met at Hanga Abbey for their regular Easter Conference under their Chaplain Fr. Luxford Lugongo. Abbot Thadei Mhagama, OSB, welcomed the students at mass on the first day of their arrival. The Vicar General of the archdiocese of Songea, Reverend Camilius Haule was there on Monday after Easter Sunday for mass celebration for the closure of the conference. The students were accommodated at St. Pirmin's Guest House. We welcome the organization to hold their meetings at our facility in the future.

Pictured below are the TYCS members in the Abbey church processing after the Holy Mass

Above at the front-center (in white cassock)  is Fr. Camilius Haule, Vicar General of the archdiocese of Songea taking picture with members of the TYCS.

Frater Josephat Mgimba, OSB, Becomes an Anesthesiologist

Hanga Health Center is growing in terms of services to the villages around Hanga which also grow in population. To that effect it is exciting to note that soon there will be surgery services offered at Hanga Health Center. For that reason Frater Josephat Mgimba, OSB, of Hanga abbey who is also a Nurse, has been taking training for the administration of anesthesia for surgeries for year completing this April. A surgeon is also completing his field experience this May, 2015. The two will bring about the long awaited service. A great joy to women in labor and children with anemia.

Congratulations to Frater Josephat for his achievement.

Below Frater Josephat in his graduation gown on the graduation day and with his fellow graduating classmates.