Monday, June 4, 2012

Secondary School Students Tour Hanga Abbey

The month of May saw students from two schools visiting Hanga Abbey as a study tour. The students from both schools came to Hanga to see and study the production of hydroelecticity. The two schools were Mashujaa Secondary School and St. Agathon Secondary School both of which are situated within Songea municipality. Frater Fraternus, the abbey electrician was the tour guide and instructor on how electricity is produced by turbine run by water. The hydoelectric power plant at the abbey is small but enough to provide lighting for the abbey and its institutions. It is nice to have facilities at the abbey that can augment students learning process. We welcome all to see our activities and services.
In the photos below are students from Mashujaa Secondary school at the dam and tjhe water turbine site for study.

Further below are the students from St. Agathon Secondary School at the abbey ground after their observation of the turbine for generating electricity by water power.

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