Monday, July 20, 2015

Vocations Blessings at Hanga Abbey, 2015

On July 11, this year 2015, the monks of Hanga Abbey rejoiced to have six young men making their first monastic vows. On the same day two monks, Frater Benedict Kaguti, OSB, and Frater Ireneus Sambala, OSB, made their perpetual solemn profession. Frater Esperanso Mwalongo, OSB, celebrated his 25th anniversary as a monk. A day before July 11, four young men were admitted to monastic life as novices. On July 10 six aspirants were installed to be postulants. We thank God for sending us these men to lead monastic life of prayer, meditation and work.

Also, noteworthy, was the presence of retired Abbot Anselm  Zeller of Fiecht, Germany. During the celebration of the feast he was also honored as he celebrates 50 of his priesthood. Abbot Anselm is en route visiting abbeys of Mvimwa (Sumbawanga), Hanga, Katibubunga priory in Zambia, Peremiho and Ndanda.

Pictured are monks who made their first professions, solemn profession and jubilarians, Abott Anselm and Frater Esperanso.

The six newly professed monks.


Frater Esperanso Mwalongo celebrated his 25 anniversary of monastic life

Five new novices (they will be in a period of official training in monastic life)

Abbot Thadei Mhagama, Frater Ano Haule, the  postulants formator, with the new postulants


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