Friday, September 2, 2016

German Pharmacists Without Boarders Helping Hanga Health Center

For many years, since 2008, Pharmacists Without Boarders from Germany have been helping Hanga Health Center with medical supplies that have significantly lowered costs of medication at the Center. The Health Center has been able to serve many poor people because the Pharmacists assistance.

In April and May this year 2016 Hanga abbey had the honor of hosting Frau Kerster Koebler from Germany of the Pharmacists Without Boarders. She has great passion of helping the poor through Hanga Health Center and volunteered at the Health Center for a month. During this time she also bought medications for the Health Center, an aid from the German Pharmacists Without Boarders. Others from Pharmacists Without Boarders who have visited Hanga include Dr. Martina Gehardt, Stefie Puege, and Laura Bleicher.

We thank the Pharmacists Without Boarders for their service to the needy; and thanks to Frau Kerster for her love and time to volunteer and serve people at Hanga.

Photos of Frau Kerster at Hanga in April & May 2016.

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