Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Day of The African Child Celebrated at Hanga Abbey

June 16th of the year is a day to celebrate the African Child. Like AIDS day or Women's day, the African Child day is meant to raise awareness among the people especially parents on the rights of children. Particularly for most of African countries where basic necessities for life is
still a struggle such awareness among the people is very important. Many children lack basic needs of life because parents really do not care or sometimes adults just think what they give to their children is enough though they could do more for the children.
In the district of Namtumbo in Ruvuma region in southern Tanzania the African Child day this year 2013 was celebrated at Hanga Abbey. Different officials gave their speaches; but more time was aloted to children who performed drama, dancing and singing educating the community on the rights and needs of the children.

Children need food, shelter, health services and education

Children at the celebration performing drama, singing and dancing to educate the community.

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