Friday, June 21, 2013

Delbarton High School Students from New Jersey, USA, at Hanga Abbey

In the mid of June High School students from Delbarton in New Jersey, USA, had the opportunity of spending time at Hanga Abbey. Delbarton school is run by Benedictines of St. Mary's Abbey in Morristown in New Jersey, USA. The school has established a program to expose students to the world outside the US. At Hanga Abbey in Tanzania the students witnessed the low standards of learning facilities of students at St. Benedict School of Hanga Abbey and other schools. As such they brought with them a gift of text books for students at St. Benedict School. 

Books for St. Benedict school, a gift from Delbarton school, in the US.

The students from Delbarton also helped Coland Secondary school, a branch of St. Benedict School, to make bricks from clay and put the bricks in kiln ready for baking. The process of making bricks involves digging clay soil and pounding it with water. Then the pound clay is put in wooden form and released on a flat ground for drying. After the brick get dry they are put in a kiln for baking using fire wood. You can see in the photos students from Delbarton and their host students digging clay, pounding it, putting in wooden form and laying bricks in the ground and then bringing them to a place to make a kiln. Indeed it was a new experience for students from the US to do the work.

At the end of their stay at Hanga there was a farewell party to the group form Delbarton. There was also exchange of sovenirs of T-shirts. Delbarton students received T-shirts from St. Benedict students and gave their T-shirts to St. Benedict students. Thanks to the monks of St. Mary's Abbey in Morristown, fuculty and students for their assistance to the students at Hanga Abbey.

A farewell dance by St. Benedict's students and a cake for Delbarton students

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