Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patricia Talbot and Steve Heard from USA at Hanga Abbey

Like many visitors at Hanga abbey Patricia and Steve from Sonoma in California,  USA, had good time at Hanga Abbey for two weeks in May arriving on May 5th and leaving May 20th. Steve who is a machinist worked at the abbey auto mechanic with a lathe machine. However, Steve proved to be very hand man. He worked not only with the lathe machine, he also repaired laundry machine that had been sitting at the abbey broken for two years. He also did some plumbing work of fixing leaking pipes and endeavored to make water pumps made out of plastic pipes. Such pumps can be used to pump water from deep wells and any other body of water such as river water for irrigation.

Patricia and Steve also brought gifts of soccer and basket balls to the abbey schools. Find in the picture Steve is handing a ball to Fr. Angelo Mugaga the head of St. Benedict Secondary School.


.Below Mr. Steve Heard in construction of a pvc water pump. Further down he is trying it by pumping water from a bucket. It worked!

Patricia Talbot is a nurse by profession. With that background she was hanging out at the abbey health center doing some paper work, taking weights of babies and blood pressure of patients among other things. She particularly was  impressed by how people lead hard life and can endure so much pain in their sicknesses such as being treated for boils without anesthetic.  She also noted the primitive ways of sensing a hear beat of a fetus. To that effect she and Steve decided to donate money to buy a modern equipment to sense fetus heart beat. We thank them for the machine. Patricia also enjoyed teaching the abbey cooks to make USA foods which included pasta sauce  and banana bread.

In the photo Patricia with some of the staff members of the abbey health center; she is also taking bp of expectant mothers.

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