Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Italian Veternarians at Hanga Abbey

For more than 15 years veterinarians from Italy have been working at Hanga Abbey cattle farm. They have donated dairy cattle to help the pupils at St. Laurent school (run by the abbey) as well as villagers to have access to fresh milk. Now the children are sure of having a glass of milk every day. Some university students from Italy have taken the opportunity to come to Hanga Abbey to learn and increase their experience in the tropical deceases for cows. In the photos from left: Ambra, Marco and Chiara. Below: a nun from Chipole convent on the left.
This month of May (2013) Mr. Marco, Ms. Chiara and Ms. Ambra have been working at the abbey cattle farm. Mr. Marko also learned about tropical deceases of dogs doing his research at Hanga village. He left the abbey for Italy on May 2 after completing his observation. A little farewell party was held for him before he left.
In the photo above is a farewell party for Mr. Marco
Meanwhile Ms. Ambra and Ms. Chiara are training local people on treating cows with various deceases. One of the trainee in a Benedictine nun from Chipole convent in the diocese of Songea (in Southern Tanzania). Our gratitude to these volunteers as they help people to have access good nutrition.
In the photos below are sections of the people who participated in the seminar on animal deceases.
 From left: Ambra and Chiara who delivered a seminar on animal deceases


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