Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrating the Year of Faith 2013 at Hanga

The year of faith, 0213, as promulgated by the former pope Benedict has taken quite a stride in Tanzania. The Conference of Bishops in Tanzania has arranged that each diocese have a special crucifix that will be taken around parishes to invigorate the faithful in this year of faith.
At Hanga parishionesr, monks at the abbey with students from the abbey institutions had their turn to pay venerate the crucifix for the archdiocese of Songea from April 16-19. It was time for prayer and reflection. May the Jesus strengthen us all in our daily struggles in this year of faith.

Processing with the crucifix to the abbey church; monks, students and parishioners participated.


After three days of venerating the crucifix at Hanga, the monks, parishioners, and students handed it over to Msalaba Mkuu parish. Fr. Elias Chale of Hanga parish handed it over officially to the pastor of Msalaba Mkuu Fr. Cosmas Mhagama. 

 The parishioners of Msalaba Mkuu marching off with the crucifix

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