Friday, October 27, 2017

St. Benedict Graduation, October 2017

The 14th of October, 2017, it was another memorable day of the year for St. Benedict Scondary Schoool at Hanga. The school has two campuses: for girls at Hanga village center and for boys three kilometets west of Hanga village. Students, teachers, relatives and friends gathered for the 20 graduation at the School ground at Hanga. The guest of honor was Mr. John Msweke, the headmaster of a nearby Secondary School of Boys in Songean municipality. A total of 148 students were graduating; 98 were girls and 51 were boys.

As customary, the day began with Holy Mass at the abbey church followed by celebration with dances, dramas, poems, songs and speeches from different speakers at the school grounds, and not to forget a decent meal and drinks.

Congratulations to the graduating students for their achievements and thanks to their teachers for their dedication to educate the young.

Above; Fr. Mugaga, the headmaster, with the students in front of the abbey church

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