Friday, June 5, 2015

Biometrical Registration for Voting at Hanga Abbey

Tanzania will be having presidential and legislative representative voting in November this year 2015. Consequently the country is preparing voters by registering them biometrically. It is a new and the first exercise for voters in Tanzania to register biometrically. At Hanga this exercise took place at the abbey from May 22nd to 28th. Villagers, monks, and students participated in the exercise. An identity card issued in the exercise is a valid identification for Tanzanian citizenship and will be legal and accepted in all Tanzanian legal issues where ID will be needed. See pictured of monks and students registering for voting.

Fr. Mugaga, OSB, and Fr. Chrysostom at the registration office for voting.

People in the office of biometric registration

St. Benedict students line up to register for voting

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