Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mr. Alois Sanga, A Former Employee of Hanga Abbey, Dies

 On Monday January 13, 2014 Mr. Alois Sanga died of malaria and stomach complications at Peramiho hospital. Mr. Alois once in the 1950's was a monk of the abbey but then left and got married. Thanks to him though one of his son is now a monk of the abbey - Frater Onesmo Sanga, OSB.

Mr. Sanga was a man of few words, gentle, patient and hard working. Mr. Alois has been a teacher for most of his life. Back in the 1960's, for a few years, he taught as the abbey elementary school which now is Hanga Religious Seminary. Recently for about ten years he has been teaching at the abbey St. Laurent Elementr & Primary school.
In the photo below Mr. Alois (in black suit) with his son, a monk, Frater Onesmo Sanga, OSB

He will be missed by many of us the monks, villagers of Hanga, St. Laurent school students and his family. May he rest in peace.

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