Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hanga Health Center Acquires Surgery Equipment

As of this February 2014 Hanga Health Center has received the equipment for surgery services. The equipment was had by loan amounting to $25,000. The loan, by Action-Medeor, a German based non profit organization for medical services, will have to be paid without interest. This is a good news for Hanga community and all villages around Hanga who are served at the Health Center.

 The equipment includes a special bed for surgery, lighting system, and a unit for anesthetic service. The whole equipment has been installed in a temporary room and services are expected to begin no later than March. Meanwhile the construction of the (permanent) surgery unit has resumed after a temporal halt due to the imminent need of constructing dormitories for boys of St. Laurent school after a fire accident last November, 2013.

materials (cement and boards) ready, work is ready for construction of ceiling slab and roofing.

With the presence of surgery services comes the establishment of blood bank. The equipment will be of great benefit to women during delivery who develop complications needing surgery and/or blood infusion. Children suffering from malaria and anemia will also be well served and saved.

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