Monday, January 6, 2014

Frater Jerome Mlelwa, OSB, named the Prior of Hanga Abbey

Abbot Thadei Mhagama, OSB, of Hanga Abbey, has appointed Frater Jerome Mlelwa, OSB, to be the prior of the abbey. The appointement comes following the new assignment of the former prior Frater Odo Nanyanje, OSB, who is going to Katibunga monastery in Zambia to be a formator. Abbot Thadei made the announcement to the monks about the new prior on Christmas day.
Frater Jerome Mlelwa is taking this position for the second time. Once he was a prior under the resigned abbot Alcuin Nyirenda, OSB. Frater Jerome has also been the head of Kurasini Guest House in Dar es Salaam for a number of years before he returned to the abbey in 2011. By trade Frt. Jerome has a diploma in auto-mechanics. As to this appointment he is has been the head of the abbey auto-mechanic and will continue with the job meanwhile he is the prior. See the photo of Prior Jerome Mlewa above. Below fro left; Abbot Thadei, Prior Jerome and Br. Julian
Abbot Thadei also welcomed Br. Julian Glienke, OSB, from Muensterschwrzach abbey in Germany. Br. Julian will stay at the abbey for a year an half teaching in abbey schools. The Brother is expert in music and history. We warmly welcome Br. Julian to our Hanga Abbey community and wish him good stay with us. See Br. Glienke in the photo below.

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