Saturday, February 2, 2013

Visitors Bring Medicines to Hanga Dispensary

This past January the abbey had a pleasure of welcoming six visitors from Germany. The came to Hanga for tourism and for the sake of getting real experience of village life of Tanzanians. Other than exploring Udzungwa ranges in Iringa, seeing lake Nyasa, they had an opportunity for a day to stay with a local family in the village, work and eat with the family.
As the Kiswahili saying goes, "Mgeni aje mwenyeji apone," meaning let a visitor come that the host my survive, besides their visit the guests brought some medicines for Hanga dispensary. With such help the dispensary can always boast of having necessary medications. Besides costs for medication become cheaper for poor villagers to afford. Thanks to our visitors from Germany and all those who have been helping the dispensary in any way.
Below are the visitors from Germany: Ms. Barbara, in front left picture, led the group. At the dispensary with Frater Lucius Matembo, OSB, the head of the dispensary, Frt. Josephat Haule, OSB, Miss Bertha Mligo and some medical supplies on the table.


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