Friday, February 15, 2013

Benedictines in southern Tanzania Promote Gregorian Chant Music

Benedictines throughout the world are known to be famous in liturgical music. Since they live in communities chanting psalms of the liturgy of hours is very common. Traditionally all the Benedictines use Gregorian chant music. However, with the advent of modern music many have changed the chanting music. For the Benedictines of southern Tanzania, both women and men communities, still use Gregorian chant music. Of course the language is Swahili. With the help of musicians at Hanga Abbey, retired Abbot Alcuin and Frater Buzabaliawo, several representatives (nuns) come to Hanga Abbey for practice and writing of Gregorian chant music for antiphons and hymns in Swahili to be used in the Liturgy of Hours. Since January 2013 nuns from Camaldolese convent in Iringa, Ndolo in Ndada - Mtwara, and St. Agnes Chipole convent in the archdiocese of Songea are at Hanga for the endeavor. Let us pray that the efforts of these few monks and nuns may bear fruit such that the religious in their respective communities may prefer God's work to worldly endeavor.

In the photos below nuns staying at Hanga for the Gregorian chant music writing and practice

They use modern tools: computer programs in writing the music.

The nuns are taking time to relax at St. Pirmin's guest house after work

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