Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mhepai Village in Songea, Southern Tanzania Working to Get Clean Water

With the help of benefactors from the US a village in rural Songea district in Southern Tanzania, Mhepai, will be having clean water in a few months to come. Mhepai village like many other rural villages in Tanzania have the problem of getting clean water all the time but soon they will say goodbye to the problem. Since October this year, 2012, probably until early December the villagers will be busy with the project. Already pipes have been bought and the villagers have dug a 3 mile (5km) long trench. A site on the higher ground will have a small dam built to catch water to the lower ground of the village. The villagers have made baked bricks, and collected sand and rock ready to build the small dam. When the dam is completed pipes will be laid in the dug trench ready to supply life - clean water- to the villagers!!
PVC pipes in a storage area waiting to be laid in ground
Sand and stones to build a dam
Villagers carrying bricks to the dam site
A trench to lay pipes is ready


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