Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hanga Religious Seminary Celebrates 35th Graduation

For Tanzania the month of October is normally a month for National examinations for students who are completing their ordianary level secondary school education. At Hanga Seminary, this year, there were 35 students who sat for the exams. Following their exams, a farewell party was held for them. Relatives, friends, monks and other invited guests were present for the graduation ceremony. This was the 35th graduation of the school. Noteworthy for the graduation was the guest of honor, Fr. Julian Bombo, OSB, who is a former student at the school. We pray and hope that like Fr. Julian Bombo, who was a student at the seminary, the students who have just graduated will follow same foot steps to become priesst and or monks. At best we hope and wish them success in their lives having practiced good moral life rules at the seminary.

Pictured below is the graduating class of 2012, standing on front line at the center in white habit is Fr. Chrysostom Mkulasi, OSB, the headmaster/rector of the seminary.

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