Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fr. Novatus Ngonyani, OSB Graduates with MA in Business Management

Fr. Novatus Ngonyani, OSB, of Hanga Abbey just graduated this last September 13th with MA in Business Management. He earned the degree in Holland at Maastrict School of Management within a year of hard work for it was a degree to be studied for two years! It almost crushed his head, but he prevailed! "Mwanaume wa shoka" translated as "A man of hard work and great determination!" We congratulate him for the achievement.
In the photos: top right Fr. Novatus getting a hand shake of congratulations from Dr. Peter de Gijsel and on left is Professor Aad van Mourik. Top right Fr. Novatus with some monks of Benedictusberg Abbey of Solemes Congregation: Fr. Martin Werry, Ans, Francine van Tuijl, Fr. Novatus, Abbot Adrian Lenglet and Markus Ballhausen from St. Ottilien. Bottom Fr. Novatus with fellow graduates from Tanzania.

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