Monday, June 9, 2014

A Priest and a Benedictine Nun Join Hands to Help Needy Children

In the archdiocese of Songea in southern Tanzania, a parish priest Fr. Pius Nchimbi and a Benedictine Nun, Sister Siri, OSB, have paired their efforts to help orphans and children who have been abandoned by their parents (single mothers) or from  very poor family in Mgazini parish west of Songea municipality. Three years ago the pastor decided to use dilapidated building with minor renovation to host less than ten children. Now that number has grown to 51 children. With some help from some people form USA and Germany the children are getting better services. They have good dormitories, beds with good matresses and mosquito nets, 

IMG_1665      IMG_1666

table wares and clothing. Thanks to the benefactors for sharing their blessings with these children. As more rooms can be renovated, (depending on the availability of funds)  more children will be taken in. There are so many of these needy children.  


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