Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hanga Heath Center Attractive to Medical Field Work

For many years Hanga Health Center has been a place that many medical schools have been sending their trainees for field work even from outside the country as far as Italy, USA, Germany and Austria. The nearby Peramiho Hospital has been sending students at the Center at  a regular basis yearly; but this year in May we had medical students from Songea regional hospital and as far as from Mbeya Referal Hospital about 8 hours car drive northwest of Hanga Abbey. As such it is a good assistance to the staff especially during busy times of the year, during rainy season when there more patients to attend to. Indeed the accommodation and friendly environment at Hanga makes Hanga Health Center
Frater Lucius with some of the medical students in field work at Hanga Health Center.
 In the photo above are medical students from Mbeya

Below a photo of medical students from Songea and Mbeya   

Medical students from Songea Hospital

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