Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hanga Health Center Gets Attention of the Government Officials

Hanga Dispensary run by Hanga Abbey was elevated into Health Center at the beginning of this year 2013. With that status the center can legally admit patients in bedrooms for treatment and can have a resident Medical Doctor for minor surgeries. For that matter the regional head Medical Doctor and District Medical Doctor have visited the new construction site for surgery this November for some recommendations before the construction proceeds. The two officers were recommended to visit the site by the Ruvuma Regional Secretary who visited the site accompanied by the
senate member of Namtumbo Mr. Vita Kawawa. We thank all the benefactors who have made this surgery unit come into existence; still not finished but it is getting there!

 Above the regional secretary is signing a guest book at the Health Center. Below is Mr. Vita Kawawa, the senate member of Namtumbo, signing the guest book.

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