Sunday, October 20, 2013

Visitors from Austria - October 2013

In the month of October the abbey has been blessed with the visit of a group of visitors from Austria. This is a special group called One World establishe in Austria to make arrangement of tours to Tanzania. Like many visitors they had the opportunity of seeing various places in the country and particularly southern Tanzania including Lake Nyasa. At Hanga they were able to see the workshops and other activities in which the monks are involved. They visited all of our institutions: Hanga Seminary, St. Laurent school, Hanga Trade school, Nakagugu formation house as well as the abbey health center. They also had the opportunity for a day to be will local families and experience African life, a typical day of an African family.
 At the dispensary with Br. Lucius Matembo (top) and with Frater Germanus, OSB (bottom).

 At the cattle farm with Chiara from Italy (Chiara has been volunteering at the abbey for almost a year).

 The visitors saw the garden and the banana farm

 In Nakagugu formation house. Frater Odilo Matembo and Frater Martin Mwanyika welcomed the visitors in Nakagugu. Frater Odilo played drum for the visitors.

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