Tuesday, September 13, 2011

St. Laurent Standard Seven 4th Graduation - 2011

St. Laurent elementary (primary) school at Hanga is an English medium school; which means classes are taught in English as opposed to ordinary or most Tanzanian elementary schools that normally use Swahili as the medium of instruction. The graduating class of 2011 had 44 students girls and boys, making it the 4th graduation since the school was established. Their graduation was held late August and on the first week of September they sat for their final National examinations. We are looking forward to their examination results. We are very optimistic that the whole class will pass as other classes in the past had done.

Congratulations to the pupils and staff members for preparing these children to be good citizens in the future. We pray and hope that the good moral formation they have acquired at Hanga will make them succeed in their endeavors.

In pictures: the graduating class of 2011

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