Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Native of Hanga Ordained to Priesthood

Fr. Gaston Millinga was ordained a priest with other seven men in archdiocese of Songea on June 22, 2011. Fr. Gaston's parents have been very much influenced by Bro. Augustine Mgedzi during their youth ages. Unfortunately though Fr. Milinga had lost his father back in the 80's. Fr.

Gaston celebrated his thanksgiving masses and Hanga parish on June 28 and at his parents' house on July 2nd. We wish him good zeal in working in the Lord's field!!


Fr. Millinga celebrating his thanksgiving mass at his home


Fr. Gaston is having meal with his mother on his left and abbot Thadei on her left.

Fr. Gaston with Br. Augustine Mgedzi, OSB,

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