Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Austrians visit Hanga Abbey

This last February 2011 a group of men and women, eight in number, visited Hanga Abbey. The group was led by Petra Gehrer from Austria. She is the organizer for travel/tour in conjunction with the program at Hanga Abbey know as Responsible Cultural Tourism. She organizes people to come to southern Tanzania for sight seing of national parks, beaches in Lake Nyasa, and in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. Visitors at Hanga Abbey get the opportunity of a day or two to stay with a local family in the village and do daily family chorus including cooking and eating the local food. Come one, come all and enjoy the beuty of the country of Tanzania and the cuture of its people!!

In the photos find the group of the visitors from Austria as they were touring Hanga Religious Seminary one of the different institutions of Hanga Abbey.You can see Br. Lucius Matembo, OSB, our reporter in black trousers, giving tour to the guests. Below the visistors in one of the classes at the seminary talking with seminarians.

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