Friday, July 5, 2019

Celebrating Sunday of the Holy Eucharist

It is a long time tradition in the Catholic Church that in some parts of the world Catholics celebrate the Sunday of the Holy Eucharist with procession. It is cebrated every year on the second Sunday after the last Sunday of Easter. In Tanzania, the tradition is still alive. At Hanga community which is comprised of the villagers of Hanga, the abbey and its institutions the celebration is indeed very festive.

This year, 2019, the procession with the Eucharist began at the parish church and concluded at the abbey. The procession and adoration took more than three hours. In the procession different groups marched with the Eucharist chanting various songs of the Eucharist. Indeed as the Eucharist (the Holy Mass) is central to the Catholic faith it is a very worthy event to celebrate. Visitors from USA were amazed at the celebration which they had never seen or heard before and the great number of people who participated left them in awe.

Procession began at the parish church
USA visitors participating the procession with the Holy Eucharist.
Diffferent groups singing and dancing

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