Saturday, April 1, 2017

Appreciating Music at Hanga Seminary

Hanga Religious Seminary takes pride on the music and the seminary brass band. If there is any celebration at Hanga: at the abbey, at the village or at any of the abbey schools, the seminary brass band will there for the entertainment to enliven an event. Thanks to the retired abbot Alcuin Nyirenda, OSB, of Hanga who established the brass band. But also gratitude to Br. Julian of Muesterschwarzach, Germany, who recently added  violins to the brass band. Br. Julian, had stayed at the seminary for about two years and taught music to the seminarians. Better still, Br. Julian sent his blood sister to continue training the seminarians in music and playing violins. Indeed the seminary is proud of the brass band group.

Seminarians in training playing violins.

Seminary music group performing for the students and teachers.

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