Thursday, November 27, 2014

Graduation at Hanga Serminary, 2014

Fifty five men finished sitting for National Examination for Secondary School Education at Hanga Religious Seminary this year 2014. November 22, 2014,  was a graduation day for the young men at the seminary. It was time to congratulate them for their completion of the Secondary School Education and saying farewell.
The day began with the celebration of Holy Mass followed by speeches and dances/singing and concluded with luncheon. Among the dances performed during the ceremony was the famous Ngoni war dance commonly known as "ligihu" - See pictures below of students in pink costumes. The guest of honor was Fr. Tetulian Mrope, a professor at Peramiho Seminary School of Theology.

Below the guest of honor Fr. Tetulian Mrope and Fr. Chrysotom Mukulasi, OSB, (the Rector of the seminary) beside him, handing School Leaving Certificates to the graduating seminarians.

We thank Fr. Chrysostom and all the seminary teachers for their academic and moral formation they gave to the seminarians. We wish the graduating students success in their future endeavors.

Br. Julian from German (on left) was at the ceremony. Br. Julian teaches music at the seminary.

Above Fr. Chrysostom Mukulasi, OSB, the Rector of the seminary is giving a speech.

Students from other Hanga Abbey schools were present including Nakagugu Formation House, St. Benedict Secondary School and Hanga Trade School.



  1. First, I wish to congratulate the graduates. Then, I wish to note that this report, richly illustrated with photos, brings back fond memories of the time I was a student at Hanga Seminary, 1963-66. Things were quite different then. Our uniforms were different; we wore shorts and shirts. The mural that figures so prominently in the photos above was not there.

    Our rector, in the early years was Rev. Fr. John Fratera Gama, who was succeeded by Rev. Fr. Pirmin Gama. Our teachers included Fr. Mlowe and Fr. Gregory Mwageni, both of Hanga Monastery.

    Hanga was a remote place then, but I understand that it is now surrounded by residents. I always dream of visiting it. I know that when I do, I will have a great time recalling my days there, grateful for the excellent education and moral training I received from our highly dedicated teachers.

    Thanks for the report.

    1. Dear Mr. Mbele, we are glad to read your comments that the report brings you good memories of Hanga.

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