Saturday, July 5, 2014

Farewell and Welcome to Visitors at Hanga Abbey

Br. Boniface Sanga yupo kazini pamoja na wataalamu kutoka US.On July 4th, 2014,   the monks at Hanga Abbey held a farewell dinner for some visitors and welcoming others. The farewell was for a group of students and professors from Oregon Institute of Technology, USA. They have been building a structure to filter water for four years. The structure will be complete sometime this year. This year they had about two weeks to work with monks to fill the filter chambers with gravel and sand. They also had plumbers to lay/fix pipes in the chambers as inlets and outlets. The project is cosponsored by Sunrise Rotary Club of Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA, and Engineers Without Boarders of USA. See some pictures below.
Kazi muhimu hapa ni kuunganisha mabomba.
Abate yupo kwenye ushirika katika kazi ya mradi wa filter tank. Abate ameshiriki katika shughuli ya ujenzi wa Filter tank - Hanga. 

Filter tank imeanza kufanya kazi tarehe 4 July 2014. Kazi ya kujenga filter tank karibu inaisha. Kazi ya kuunganisha mabomba imeanza. (1)Engineers without Borders - USA.   A Welcome was given to visitors from Cologne, Germany, Frau Perry with his friend; both are touring Hanga Abbey and the country as a whole. Also, and very unusual, two Benedictine nuns from Namibia Sisters Ottilia, OSB, and Adela, OSB, were welcomed. This is a very rare visit. They are the first people/nuns from Namibia to visit Hanga Abbey. We are very happy to welcome them to observe our monastic way of life here at Hanga Abbey and see what we do as an African Benedictine community of men.
Ni masista wabenedictine kutoka Namibia. Ni Sr. Ottilia (kushoto) na Adela OSB (kulia). 04 July 2014.Wageni wote wapo pamoja katika mlo wa jioni tarehe 4 July 2014.Sasa anakata.

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