Saturday, December 8, 2012

Clean Water Project Funded by Two Oregon Corporations

Two corporations in Oregon, (USA), have donated some money for the clean water project supervised by Hanga abbey in southern Tanzania. The first corporation is the Basin Sunrise Rotary Club of Klamath Falls, Oregon. The club donated $2,500 through a group of students and professors of Oregon Institute of Technology college working under USA Engineers Without Boarders. The group has been working to build a filtration facility for water system that has been drawn from the mountain. The filter system has been under construction for two years. It involves erecting walls of concrete bricks, installing pipes, and filling the tank with gravel and sand. So far the tank has been erected. Next summer, June/July 2013 the group will be able to finish the project by installing pipe system and filling the facility with gravel and sand.

Pictured below from right: Kristy, Jordan (holding a check from Sunrise Rotary Club) club president, Terry Torres and Fr. Ildefonce Mapara, OSB.

Photos of the filtration tank to be filled with gravel and sand, the work of the group of students and professors from Oregon Institute of Technology.

Also , Oregon Community Foundation, a non profit foundation that supports community activities in Oregon, USA, and is funded by individuals and other foundations, has awarded $1,000 to St. Maurus Mission this December 2012 for clean water project. The funds will be used toward getting villagers clean water in southern Tanzania in digging wells and installing hand pumps.

In the pictures: Fr. Ildefonce Mapara, OSB, is delivering a speech to thank the Oregon Community Fundation for their donation for clean water project in southern Tanzania and sitting with other representatives who got awards for different community activities in Oregon.

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