Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Benedictine Novices and Formators Meet at Hanga Abbey

The Benedictines from different convents and abbeys in southern Tanzania met at Hanga Abbey in the first week of August 2012. The participants in the get together and some presentations on Benedictine life were the formators and the novices from the different repectictive abbeys and convents. The represented houses included abbeys of Peramiho, Ndanda, Hanga and Mvimwa. Convents that participated were Missionary Sisters (commonly called Tutzing Sisters) from Ndand and Peramiho; others were from Imiliwaha convent in Njombe, Chipole in Songea archdiocese and Camaldolese from Iringa. It was a nice convention which manifested a continued future of religious life in the Benedictine communities.
Participants were happy to be at Hanga Abbey for the meeting and enjoying themes presented but even more so they enjoyed to see what Hanga Abbey lookis like, what the monks of Hanga do and enjoyed staying in the new St. Pirmin Guest house a facility that is really a state of the art!

Pictured below are the participants of the meetings with monks of Hanga abbey.

The Sisters slept in St. Pirmin's Guest House (the yellow building below)

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