Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Benedict Secondary School Gets Solar Electricity

This March St. Benedict Secondary School has been lucky to have solar electricity to run their computers for computer class and for light. The computers and the solar pannels were had from the donation from Irend. The person behind all these achievements is Fr. John O Callaghan of Benedictine Abbey of Glenstal in Ireland. He had met Br. Cassian Kussula, OSB, of Hanga Abbey who told him of the need for computers and computer class in the in the schools run by Hanga Abbey. So Fr. John went ahead to find funders for buth computer and solar electricity to power the computers and light for the school. Thanks to Fr. John, Br. Cassian and all the donors that the project has become a reality.

In the photos see the students at St. Benedict infront ot the solar panels. Two volunteers from Ireland who installed panels are in the photos.

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