Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eye clinic at Hanga in progress with great prospect

Thanks to Dr. Ed Tuhy of Klamath Falls, Oregon (USA) who pioneered to collect eye glasses for people in southern Tanzania and began this service at Hanga abbey last year 2009. With basic training to Br. Stanislaus, Br. Benedict and Br. Lucius the service continues. People can get eye glasses after simple eye sight diagnosis. This year 2010 Dr. Tuhy managed to have his friend Dr. Greg from Canada come to Hanga for more help in diagnosing eye problems and giving more training to the Brothers in doing the service. Meanwhile Brs. Stanislaus and Benedict are expected to go to optometry school this September. We cross our fingers because there is only one such school in Tanzania and so chances are very limited. In the photo: left- optometry student from Hollond examines a petient with vision problem. Right- Dr. Ed Tuhy sorting and showing Br. Lucius glasses that he (Dr. Tuhy) brought from USA. Bottom- Br. Lucius is opening a box of eye glasses shipped from the US by Lion's Club in Redding (CA)).

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